/Christmas spirit in Brussels

Christmas spirit in Brussels

Shop here. It’s 50% off. Buy me. Discount. Christmas sale.Those are the words you can see when you take a walk around Brussels. From both sides of street you can see shop windows calling you to come inside and buy. You can’t miss it. Christmas spirit is in the air. Everything is in color of shining white and red. But is this what is Christmas about?

Today, people in Brussels go to the Christmas market, buy Christmas related items or food. Christmas music is played on speakers hanged on street lamps. Everything seems magical. Capitalism conviced us that we need to buy something to feel happy and fulfilled. When you think about Christmas, your first thought probably is Christmas market. Is that good? Has Christmas always been about buying stuff, or was it about friendship, family and happines?

Walking down the street, you can see a lot of people carrying bags from stores, rushing somewhere. If you select one person from that crowd, probably it will say: “I think I am good person.” But he will pass by a beggar, even if he just spent a lot of money in a store, he won’t stop for a moment to give little change that’s left in his wallet. He will just turn his head and pretend that beggar doesn’t exist. But every 20 meters you can see one. You can’t pretend they don’t exist. There is a saying: “Build a bigger table, not higher fence.” Christmas is about helping others. Of course it’s nice to surprise your dear one’s with gifts, but you can make somebody’s day just by stopping by, offering them warm coffee or tea in this cold days, some food or bit of change. It’s not that hard. You will feel more fulfilled than any product you bought that day.