/May I ask you a question?

May I ask you a question?

As three young journalist students, we got the task to make newspapers. We woke up at 6 o’clock, to take a train from Kortrijk, to be on time at 9 o’clock at Erasmushogeschool. And we were there on time, tired and sleepy, but on time. We found the needed classroom and got instructions of what to do. We left our things and went outside with a camera, a pen and a notebook. We went to the Brussels Grotemarkt to do an interview with passers-by about Christmas and their opinion about it. There are a lot of people going in every direction, a lot of tourists taking pictures and listening to their guides. I took my notebook, pen and opened the voice recorder application on my phone and tried to approach people. At first, when I tried to ask someone, people would just run away from me.

Maybe because they thought I’m some kind of promoter or salesperson. After a few unsuccessful attempts, one young man was eager to answer my questions about Christmas. He was a tourist and he didn’t know much about Brussels and Christmas market. The interview was successful, and I broke the ice. After that interview, Marina and Bellen joined me and all three of us started doing interviews. Marina was asking questions, I was holding the voice recorder and Bellen was taking pictures. We really worked as a team. Some people pretended they don’t speak English, some didn’t want to give answers, some were glad to answer, and we interviewed the policeman who didn’t wanted to take a picture but got some really funny answers. A lot of different people with different backgrounds, but one thing was same for everyone – they all like Christmas, no matter what.

After we have done enough interviews, we started exploring the city, and eventually came back to the classroom to transcribe material and choose photos. It was tough day, but we have managed to do everything that was expected from us. We learned a lot that day, and got much experience from it.