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Rouge pelican

I still remember that day. That shiny black colour. Firm porcelain handle. It was my favourite cup. And it was broken.

About 5 years ago, I was gifted a cup, that later became my favourite cup for drinking coffee. For me it is a big thing. A small, black, porcelain cup with „Pelican rouge“ written on in. I enjoyed drinking coffee from it for a long time and I remember, once when I was staring at my cup, and read aloud „Pelican rouge – coffee roasters – Belgium 1863“. „Hm, maybe I will go there one day and try coffee in Belgium“ – I said to myself. Everything was perfect, until one day somebody broke mine „Pelican rouge“ cup, and after that moment I was sure I will never have favourite cup again.

Fast forward to september 2018. I started my Erasmus+ international semester in Howest, Kortrijk. I was in Belgium, and I remembered one thing – „Pelican rouge“ is from Belgium. And my quest started – I have to find new favourite cup.

I asked a lot of people where I can find it, and I came to conclusion that “Pelican rouge” is not that popular in Belgium as I imagined. Nevertheless, I continued my search that wasn’t successful until the day we went to Antwerpen. We explored this amazing city, and after long walk, somebody suggested we should go for coffee. In that moment, I immediately remember that there is “Pelican rouge” café in Antwerpen. So, I made everybody walk for 2 kilometers because we were at the other side of the city, just to have a coffee. With a lot of complaining, we finally arrived at the café. I was shining with happiness. I couldn’t believe that it actually happened, from the moment I got “Pelican rouge” cup and said to myself that “I will go to Belgium one day”, to the moment where I am standing in front of café in Antwerpen.

When we entered café, I told bartender my sad story and that I’m searching for that cup for a long time. He listened to me, and explained me that I can buy their merchandise, but they don’t have exact same cup. Kinda dissappointed, I bought 2 cups, one small white porcelain cup and one big glass cup, and decided, they are going to be my new favourite cups.

I was really happy, but I couldn’t forget my black cup. I was still searching for it, but without success. So one day,  went to Antwerpen again, just to have a coffee in “Pelican rouge”. I was walking down the street, and I couldn’t find the café. I thought I chose the wrong path, but I didn’t. Like a bolt from the blue, it struck me – “Pelican rouge” café is closed. The place where it used to be is renting now. Very sad day for me, but at least I still have my 2 cups and I will never forget it.

“Pelican rouge” forever in my heart!