/Smoke on the water

Smoke on the water

Smoking! Yes, smoking is what I don’t understand here in Belgium. Why is smoking forbidden? Why you can’t smoke inside?

Well, there is lot of differences between Serbian and Belgian culture, but this one is the most visible. If you take a walk around any Belgian city, you can see people outside of cafes smoking. It doesn’t matter if its warm or cold outside. Why would you forbid smoking inside? I can’t even smoke inside my own apartment. I could call that violation of basic human rights. In Serbia, you can smoke virtually everywhere, in public transportation, in cafes, in bars, in your own home, in dormitory. Here I had to adjust to smoking outside at cold, and that is not pleasant feeling. And thats just one of many differences about Serbia and Belgium.

For example, in Serbia we don’t have “Rue de Belgium” or “Gentstraat”.

Also, what I was amazed when I learned information that there is a city in Netherlands, that has Belgian exclaves, that has Netherlands exclaves inside of Belgian exclaves. It was really strange to me, so I went there to see it myself. Really strange solution for border problem. I thought for myself: “If this was in Balkan, we wouldn’t have borders all over the city, we would just conquer it and claim land for ourselves.”

Once we went to Ypres. This city is famous in Belgium because of the peace in the First World War. So, we went to visit graveyard, and there were soldiers from all around the world. A lot of white stones with and without names. Soldiers from Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, India and lot more. So we payed respect to them, and went to see battlefield. I was surprised because Belgian government cares about soldiers who are buried there and pay people who are maintaining graveyard. We don’t have this in Serbia, and we don’t respect our soldiers as much as Belgium respect foreign ones.