/Veterans Care Agreement Program

Veterans Care Agreement Program

Point (b) item 17.4110 defines the procedure and certification criteria of companies and suppliers. Paragraph b) (1) stipulates that a company or supplier must apply for certification by providing VA with the following information: (i) documentation relating to applicable medical licenses and (ii) any other information and documentation required by VA. This additional information may be (but not limited to): the name and name of a supplier; Legal business names, national Provider Number (NPI), NPI type, type of identifier (example.B. individual or group practice), tax identification number, specialty (taxonomy code), business address, billing address, telephone number and care address. We interpret Section 1703A (c) that a certification application is required (as provided by section 1703A (c) (1) of THE VA to set by regulation a time frame after which VA must respond to this application), and we implement this requirement by specifying that the application must be submitted to the agency or supplier that transmits the information in accordance with the cv provisions in the following provisions 17.4010(b):1)). This information is what VA currently requires providers to submit to be considered allowed to provide community care in accordance with the choice Provider Agreements, and we believe that providers are familiar with this information. Although providers who provide services via a VCA are familiar with the transmission of this information, the information collection load is not passed on to the VCA program by the Choice Start Printed Page 21670Provider Agreements, as the certification process under Section 1703A (c) is new and is therefore considered a new collection of information , as described later in this rule. Since this collection supports a new legal procedure, VA must take this into account as a new collection including the transmission of any new information by suppliers. On a case-by-case basis, a Veteran may be referred to a municipal health care provider if the patient and the referring physician or referral agency agree that it is in the patient`s best interest to seek care in the Community. Section 17.4135 of Section 17.4135 should only apply if the parties to a Veterans Care Agreement have not jointly resolved a controversial issue. This language will reinforce the characterization of Article 17.4135, paragraph (a) (1) (ii), according to which, where the parties to an agreement attempt to resolve an issue informally, these acts and procedure do not constitute a dispute within the meaning of this section.

In other words, the existence of this disputed procedure does not prevent the parties to an agreement from collectively resolving all issues raised by or relating to the agreement, including issues relating to payment rights, the extent of authorizations, receipt or non-receipt of medical documents by DES or simple spelling errors (e.g. B of a miscooling of a procedure by a company or supplier). With the help of dental services as another example, VCAs are needed to ensure that there are no failures in the provision of medically necessary dental care under program provider agreements of choice.